blowurmind.com was founded as a freelance design business in 2003. Since then it has grown, both in terms of experience and expertise, into a design business delivering cutting edge graphic design and content-managed web solutions to its clients. 


Managed and run by graphic designer Tobi Frenzen, we have delivered websites which have transformed the way our clients do business in ways they had never thought possible. We continue to exceed our own expectations with every new project we take on.


We have an extensive network of partners which we can call upon and get involved in our projects at any time. From programmers to photographers, visual effects artists and music composers, we have plenty of expertise at hand ready to be at your service.


blowurmind is based in London (UK) but as with anything on the internet these days, that does not restrict or limit the reach of our services. We have worked with clients in different countries just as well as with clients from the local area, and arrangements can be made for the smooth running of any design job, even over larger distances.

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