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Corporate visual identity is usually established through branding, by the means of typography, style, colour and a corporate logo. It is the image of your business that will hopefully stick to your client's minds, lets you stand out from the crowd, enabling you to be recognised and remembered.


The most important aspect of corporate identity is the company logo! Ask yourself, is your company logo is one that will be remembered or recognised amongst all the others out there? A strong logo stands for a strong brand, a strong brand means high sales, an edge over the competition, loyal customers bringing lots of repeat business, instant brand recognition, as well as appealing to and drawing in new customers. Make no savings in this area and take no shortcuts, as it is one of the key investments for your business. Whether you are starting a new business or feel you may need a bit of a refresh, contact us today for some tips on how to get noticed and be more successful with better corporate branding and a new visual identity..

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